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How To Pay

We can accept below payment method:

1. Transferwise---Get 35% Off

(1) Remind (You send) you only need choose your country currency, (Recipient gets) Our recipient currency is CNY.
(2)The Recipient information we will send you: (a) the UnionPay card number.(b) the name of recipient.(c)the email address(d)Address
(3)Reference: Had better not fill a postscript, or you can fill in "PERSONAL PAYMENT". 
(4)Usually it will take 1 days to confirm your payment.
Remind we recipient currency is CNY,
you only type the unionpay card number and the name of recipient

2. Xoom---Get 35% Off

(1) The Recipient information we will send you: the receiver's name the bank details,the email address and phone number,please register an account from xoom,then you can send money easily.
(2) Deposits are instant to most bank accounts in China when sent during the processing hours of 7 a.m. - 10 p.m. Beijing Time.
(3) Don't write any words for business, or we will not receive your money.

3.Bank Transfer---Get 35% Off

It will take 1 to 2 days to complete . Wire transfer between bank to bank is the safest way to send money and You can go to your local bank send the money or do it online with your bank's online banking features.
Our salesgirl will email you an order confirmation with details and our Bank Transfer info later.
Any questions, please contact us via:

4.Western Union--Get 20% Off

Western Union is fastest way to transfer money worldwide. 
With its cheaper charge and convenient office locations, we are willing to accept this payment method
You can also use credit card to do transfer with Western Union.
You can go to your local western union agent send the money or send money on western union website online.
You can simply click and you can finish the whole process online.

5. MoneyGram---Get 25% Off

Moneygram is as fast as Western Union, it is one of the fastest way to transfer money worldwide.
we also accept this way of payment.
You can go to your local MoneyGram agent to pay for the payment, or do the payment on MoneyGram website.
You can also use credit card to do transfer with Moneygram.
You can click to finish the payment.